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Ebensee, 18.06.2004 - Disclosure announcement transmitted by euro adhoc.The issuer is responsible for the content of this announcement.

Ebensee, 18.06.2004 - Disclosure announcement transmitted by euro adhoc.The issuer is responsible for the content of this announcement.

JoWooD Productions Software AG JoWooD announces details of thecapital increase

- Subscription price for public offering fixedat 2.40 EUR - Fix price for strategic partner set at 2.50 EUR

An extraordinary shareholders meeting on June 15, 2004 decided toincrease JoWooD?s nominal capital by up to 7,880,000 EUR through anissue of up to 7,880,000 bearer shares with a nominal value of 1 EURper share with an entitlement to dividend per January 1, 2004 and asubscription right for existing shareholders pursuant to § 153 of theAustrian stock corporation law.

Existing shareholders may exercise their right to subscribe for newshares at a price of 2.40 EUR by submit-ting a subscription form attheir depository bank during the subscription period commencing onJune 18, 2004 and ending on July 2, 2004. JoWooD reserves the rightto extend the subscription period. The sub-scription ratio has beenfixed at 10:3, i.e., ownership of 10 existing shares entitles theholder to subscribe for 3 new shares of the current capital increase.Subscription rights (ISIN AT0000617287) will be dealt pre-sumably onJune 24, 25, and 28, 2004 at both the Vienna and Berlin stockexchanges. The subscription rights will expire at the end of thesubscription period.

Shares will also be offered to other interested investors to theextent subscription rights were forfeited. The corresponding offerperiod for these shares will commence on June 18, 2004 and end onJuly 7, 2004. JoWooD reserves the right to shorten or prolong thisoffer period. Global certificates will be issued for the new shares.

The subscription price for the investment of JoWooD?s strategicpartner Fluent Entertainment Inc. has been fixed at 2.50 EUR.

The agreement between Fluent and JoWooD calls for close cooperationin the areas of product development as well as world wide marketingand sales of both partners? products. A team of experts from JoWooDand Fluent will jointly evaluate prospective titles, estimate salespotentials and determine minimum sales guaran-tees for acceptedtitles.

Marketing activities will be planned together. The companies willexchange key marketing personnel (se-lected JoWooD employees will bebased in the US and vice versa) and devise joint marketing plans.Manda-tory marketing expenditures per title have been fixedcontractually.

Fluent Entertainment is contractually bound to acquire a minimum of4m JoWooD shares. Fluent may extend this investment to up to 8mshares until September 30, 2004 provided that Fluent?s stake does notexceed 20% of JoWooD?s capital. For each purchased share, Fluent willfurthermore obtain a 1:1 share option with a maturity of two years.However, Fluent may exercise these options only up a limit of a 20%total investment in JoWooD. Fluent may not sell JoWooD shares at thestock exchange during the maturity period. The shares will be issued form the authorized capital, subscriptionby existing shareholders will be excluded.

Further inquiry note:JoWooD Productions Software AGDr. Michael Pistauer, Vorstand.Karin Kraberger, Investor Relations Manager.Tel.: +43 (0)3614 2966 1015mailo:investor@jowood.comhttp://www.jowood.comTel: 0043 3614 2966-1015FAX: 0043 3614 2966-1023Email:

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