MBA-Jahresrückblick – HEC Paris HEC: Emergence of new approaches to leadership training

A. What do you consider the most significant developments in MBA/management education and the international business school market as a whole this year?

Emergence of new approaches to leadership training: In the past, business schools produced MBAs with a solid business foundation, but often paid little attention to the people skills. Now business schools are focusing on leadership development, still without neglecting the business basics. Each business school goes about this in a different way. Ours, which I will discuss below, has proved to be successful.

Development of an MBA culture in Asia. New business schools are popping up in areas that were once under-served by the MBA market, primarily in Asia. Business schools have been quick to spot this trend and, as a result, we have seen two basic approaches emerge. One approach is for traditional business schools to establish satellite branches in Asia and another approach is for them to increase inbound recruitment.

Increase in number of applicants. After several difficult years, the number of MBA applicants are increasing slightly. But all the same students are becoming far more selective, so some schools such as Thunderbird, The Garvin School of International Management are experiencing downward shifts in enrollment. Others including HEC have experienced positive results.

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