We all need love!

FC Barcelona showed their support for tax dodger Lionel Messi. Now, Handelsblatt 10 wants to hand out some hugs: #WeAllNeedHugs
Join our campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

Join our campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

When soccer superstar Lionel Messi received a 21-month suspended jail sentence for tax fraud, his team, FC Barcelona, showed their support with the call out on Twitter #WeAreAllMessi. But it lead to a backlash. In response, JonathanNtegeLubwama‏ wrote: “Am not at all. Am BLACK and I pay my taxes! My father pays his as well“. 90 percent of Twitter users said they didn’t have much sympathy for Messi – though there were some, like BarcaChic, who sent their support in the form of heart-eyed smileys.
In these hard times, we thought, plenty of other people need some support too so we’ve created our own support campaign, #WeAllNeedHugs on Twitter and Facebook. So give somebody a hug, like Bernie Madoff, the man behind the largest financial fraud in U.S. history. Thumbs up! Or Martin Winterkorn, the ex VW-CEO, who damaged not only Volkswagen but the whole German car industry, thanks to Dieselgate. The company is paying fines in the billions but his €7.3 million salary should have helped ease the pain a bit – might he need a hug? Or there’s David Cameron, losing his post and plunging the UK into chaos, whistling a tune to cheer himself up.

Join our campaign on Twitter and Facebook. Who else is missing? If there’s anyone else who needs a hug, let us know.

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