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„I say, give us more time“

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, in an exclusive interview with Handelsblatt, acknowledged that her country is not in a position to combat rampant poverty as quickly and effectively as it did over the last ten years.
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During a two day visit to Brazil by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Ms. Rousseff defended her economic policies, even as her country is mired in recession, and said she was confident she would win back voters despite having a record low approval rating of less than 10 percent.

“In the nine months since the election, we did not succeed in implementing what we promised for our second term. I say, give us more time, so we can meet the expectations,” she said.

Her comments come as Ms. Merkel spent a second day in Brazil Thursday for meetings with the embattled Brazilian president. The two leaders were set to sign 15 bilateral business agreements and discuss issues such as cybersecurity and climate change.

In the interview with Handelsblatt, Ms. Rousseff said she expected Brazil to remain in recession for “six to maximum 12 months” before turning a corner. She warned the road ahead would be tough and said “nobody will get through without painful adjustments.”

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Alexander Busch
Alexander Busch
Handelsblatt / Korrespondent Südamerika

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