Angel Cabrera, Dean, Instituto de Empresa Cabrera: "We need to develop a different professional identity in the institutions"

What struck you most at this years's Davos? What did you learn?

People's level of trust in the good intentions of corporations have reached bottom levels compared to other social, economic and political institutions. A quite concerning fact given the dominant role corporations play worldwide in the creation of wealth and management of resources. Restoring trust may require actions in several dimensions: increasing transparency, increasing accountability, and changing the attitudes of business leaders and their views of their roles and responsibilities in Society. In what concerns me the most professionally, I left Davos even more convinced than before of the need to develop a different professional identity in the institutions that, like my own, are dedicated to the development of business decision makers.

Significant effort is being made by global institutions (e.g. UN Global Compact, WEF's Global Corporate Citizenship initiative) to draw the attention of corporations and their leaders towards their responsibilities beyond their immediate business duties to create a wealthier, more fair and sustainable society. A similar effort needs to be deployed to bring those initiatives to the attention of students who are on their way to acquiring those responsibilities. This is the goal of a specific task force of Global Leaders for Tomorrow which I am a part of.

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