Dan Lewis, President - Worldwide Commercial Business, Booz Allen Hamilton Lewis: "We need to find a new, common purpose"

Why go to the World Economic Forum?

I believe there is no other event like it anywhere in the world, where so many people can be assembled from so many walks of life to discuss business, social, academic and political issues.

My particular objective was to represent Booz Allen broadly -- but more importantly -- to truly be an expert in the air transport environment, and continue to build our firm?s reputation in this arena worldwide.

What struck you the most about this year?s World Economic Forum?

This year, you couldn?t help but be struck by the degree of discussion around Iraq, but more importantly, varying views about America. Being an American, I found that a little bit troublesome.

What lessons did you take away from Davos?

There is a growing divide, based on perceptions, between Europe and the U.S. We need to engage at the highest possible levels of business, politics and academia to find a new, common purpose. If it?s not NATO, it has to be something else. Or we will have generally divergent points of views that are not healthy for the civilized, peaceful world.

From a business perspective, I thought the air transport sessions were well-attended and very well participated in - they got peoples? feelings on the table and I think that?s good for all concerned.

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