Laura Tyson, Dean, London Business School Tyson: "The mood at Davos was a somber one"

Why do you go to the World Economic Forum?

I have participated in Davos as a faculty member for the last five years. I go to Davos for many reasons: to represent the London Business School; to learn what's on the mind of global business leaders; to hear from a variety of global experts about their predictions for the global economy during the coming year; to meet with business contacts and friends; and to share my thoughts on global economic trends and business conditions with other participants.

What did you strike most at this year's Davos?

The mood at Davos this year was a somber one. There was considerable uncertainty and anxiety about the global economic outlook because of the simultaneous weakness of the American, European and Japanese economies and the geopolitical uncertainties arising from the situation in Iraq. Like many participants, I was struck and disturbed by developing tensions in US-European relations, and the deep European reservations about what they perceived to be the growing unilateralism of US foreign policy.

Lessons learnt. Davos is also about new insights and ideas. What did you learn at this year's Davos?

The need to strengthen dialogue and mutual understanding between US and European business and political leaders.

Insights from experts on leadership about what makes a good leader during periods of economic difficulty. The untapped potential of Web-based applications for future productivity growth in the US and Europe.

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