Michael S. Dell ist Chairman and Chief Executive Officer der Dell Computer Corp. und Member des Foundation Board World Economic Forum Dell: "There is no near term prospect for a turnaround in the economy"

Michael Dell Foto: dpa

Michael Dell Foto: dpa

Why do you go to the World Economic Forum?

To meet with customers and partners, understand their needs and how we are doing for them. It's also a "supermarket" of thinking and ideas from around the world, which I find fascinating.

What was the highlight or most striking thing at this year's Davos?

There was a great deal of discussion about the challenges in the Middle East. While there was no consensus about how to deal with the problems, it was encouraging to see so many leaders show up and discuss the issues. One of the benefits of Davos is that it brings together so many different people from around the world.

Davos is also about new insights and ideas. What did you learn at this year's Davos?

Every time I go, it's an opportunity to learn a little more about the world. Hearing from world leaders from South America, Africa and the Middle East gave me a better understanding of some of their dire challenges. China continues its dramatic growth and influence on world economies. There is no near term prospect for a dramatic turnaround in the economy with the uncertainties that exist.