Oscar-Absage Kaurismäki: "Nicht in Partystimmung"

Der finnische Regisseur Aki Kaurismäki dessen Film "Der Mann ohne Vergangenheit" für den Oscar des besten ausländischen Films nominiert wurde, erteilte am Dienstag Hollywood eine Absage. Er sei nicht in Partystimmung, wenn die Regierung der USA aus rein wirtschaftlichen Interessen ein Menschheitsverbrechen begehe. Handelsblatt.com dokumentiert hier den Originalwortlaut des Schreibens.

Viana do C. 18.3.2003
Frank Pierson
8949 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills
CA 90211

Dear Mr. Pierson,

I thank you for the invitation to Academy Awards Ceremony. However I am sure that You and the Academy are well aware that we are not living the most glorious moments of the history of the mankind. Therefore I nor anybody else from Sputnik Ltd can participate the Oscar Gala event at the same time the government of the United States is prepairing a Crime against Humanity for the purpose of shameless economical interests.

For these reasons we are not in a party mood.

I hope You understand that this decision in this horrible situation is not addressed against the Academy or the Citizens of the United States. It is solely a moral choice worth a grain of sand in this crazy world.

Cinema should live - but this chance should also be given to Iraqi civilians; children, women and men.

Sincerely Yours

Aki Kaurismäki