Richard Schmalensee, Dean, Sloan School/MIT Schmalensee: "The global economy was weaker than I had thought"

Why do you go to the World Economic Forum?

This was my fourth Annual Meeting, three in Davos and one in New York. I attend because I can meet with a large number of distinguished alumni and friends, because I can learn about the state of theworld along a number of interesting and important dimensions, and because I am vain enough to think that I can contribute to the important conversations that occur at Davos.

What did you strike most at this year's Davos?

This was a very somber and subdued meeting. There was little good news on the global economy and both division and uncertainty because of the Iraq situation.

Lessons learnt. Davos is also about new insights and ideas. What did you learn at this year's Davos?

I learned that the global economy was weaker than I had thought and that the Atlantic has grown wider. Powell's appearance was a very powerful experience.

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