Handelsblatt auf Englisch Disillusioned Diaspora

Thousands of Greeks have made Germany their home, but heated discussions of the crisis have left many feeling troubled.
  • Sarah Mewes
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Germany and Greece

Amid heated disagreements about the Greek crisis, homegrown solutions that morph into fights and soured friendships, Greeks based in Germany are no longer feeling so comfortable in their home away from home.

With a Grexit becoming a real possibility, many Greeks in Germany are deeply upset at how the country they have chosen to live in is treating their homeland.

Greeks are Germany's fifth largest group of immigrants after Turks, Poles, Italians and Romanians. Most Greeks now living in Germany are descendants of the wave of Greek guest workers who started coming to Germany in the late 1960s.

Today, approximately 329,000 Greeks live in Germany, of whom 12,491 live in Berlin. These are unhappy times, many agree.

“Much of the European and particularly German media have been shamefully unfair in the way they have portrayed the crisis, with populist irony and sweeping insults,” Stavros Stathoulopoulos, a Greek PR consultant who has worked as a diplomat, told Handelsblatt Global Edition.

Mr. Stathoulopoulos is one of many Greeks in Germany who feel uneasy about their adopted country’s relationship with their home country.

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