Handelsblatt auf Englisch When Techno Turned to Tragedy

Five years after the worst stampede in German history left 21 dead and more than 500 injured at the 2010 Loveparade, the families of the victims are still waiting for closure and a legal resolution to their grief.
  • Franziska Roscher

It was a sunny summer day, perfect for one of the many outdoors festivals Germans enjoy during the hot season.

Five years ago today, Clara Zapater, a 22-year-old Spanish exchange student in Münster in western Germany, was one of the hundreds of thousands of young people who trekked to Duisburg, an industrial city on the Rhine north of Düsseldorf.

The psychology student had come to attend the Loveparade, a so-called “rave’’ festival of pulsating electronic music and gyrating dancing that had grown to fame in Berlin during the 1990s and early 2000s through a series of well-attended annual shows in the city’s Tiergarten central park.

Techno fans from not just Germany, but from around the world had flocked to the Duisburg for the event – the first time the city had hosted the Loveparade since it left Berlin in 2006.

Bochum, a nearby city, had planned to host the Loveparade a year before Duisburg in 2009, but organizers had to cancel the event amid concerns that they couldn’t provide the security to handle its massive crowds.

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