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MBA-Jahresrückblick – Columbia Business School, New York Columbia Business School: Relevance of Management Education

A few thoughts from Columbia Business School:

Relevance of Management Education

In the past year, management education has been criticized and questioned regarding its relevance in the business world. At Columbia Business School, we are committed to ensuring that what our faculty research and teach is directly relevant and shaping of businss practice. Two of the ways that we have been approaching this is through:

Ideas at Work (

An online knowledge portal, Ideas at Work presents practical applications of Columbia Business School faculty research to help businesses understand their customers, motivate employees, make strategic investment choices and capture opportunity in today's marketplace.

Op-eds/Faculty-authored articles

To ensure that our faculty's research reaches a wide audience of business practitioners and fellow academics, the School supports our faculty in placing articles and op-ed pieces in papers around the world. Most recently, faculty have authored pieces that ran in the The Wall Street Journal, The Financail Times and Harvard Business Review. The dissemination of ideas is vital in order to establish a dialogue between business schools and the greater business community.

Growth in China

Business schools continue to respond to growing importance of China in the world economy.

With the extraordinary growth of the Chinese economy, Columbia Business School has taken several steps to expand our presence in the region. The School's Executive Education Program recently announced its partnership with Shanghai's Fudan University to offer Chinese executives a new class on global financial markets. This initiative provides high-potential Chinese financial executives the opportunity to study global financial markets with Columbia faculty in New York City - the world's business capital.

In addition, Sir Gordon Wu, Dr. Clyde Wu and members of the Wu Family have generously donated $1 million to Columbia Business School to establish the Wu Distinguished Speaker Series. Launched this fall, the Wu Speaker Series explores the global thinking, entrepreneurial spirit and innovation that is driving China's economy today.

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