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MBA-Jahresrückblick – Lancaster Lancaster: Maturing of the MBA market

A. What do you consider the most significant developments in MBA/management education and the international business school market as a whole this year?

1. 2004 / 05 has seen a further maturing of the MBA market, with the articially high bubble of the 1990s now behind us and a more realistic level of demand being seen around the world. A consequence is that marginal providers are beginning to drop out of the market, and many of the top 100 business schools are consolidating around smaller class sizes.

2. There is a distinct growth in specialist Masters programs, aimed at a younger audience than the MBA (typically young people immediately after their undergraduate degree), which enable students to become more expert in specialist subjects such as Marketing, Finance, E-business, and HRM.

3. The internationalisation of the business school market is the third major trend, although it takes several forms. One form is the typical US approach of opening a campus in another part of the world - essentially taking the US approach elsewhere - whilst European business schools such as Lancaster are more likely to create strategic alliances between schools in different countries and regions, to create a truly international experience.

B. What do you consider to be the most significant developments at your school this year?

1. Lancaster University Management School has been one of the few business schools to buck the maturing trend in the MBA market , with class sizes rising in each of the last two years, perhaps reflecting its high ranking in the Financial Times and the action focus of the program.

2. The launch of the Euro15million Lancaster Leadership Centre in 2005 has created one of Europe's top centres of excellence, led by Professor Keith Grint, formerly of Said Business School Oxford. This new centre is bringing the expertise of world class researchers together with experienced developers, coaches and consultants to support organisational clients at a regional, national and international level, and from all stages of development: start-ups, growing businesses and MNCs.

3. Lancaster has continued to grow its portfolio of specialist Masters programs, the latest being Advanced Marketing Management, E-Business and Innovation, and Money, Banking and Finance.

4. Again bucking the global trend, Lancaster has been able to grow its faculty by another 10% on the back of its growing global reputation for world class research expertise, attracting leading academics from around the world.

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