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MBA-Jahresrückblick – Open University Business School (OUBS) OUBS: Accreditation has gained in importance

A) MBA market developments internationally and in Germany in 2005

i) Accreditation has gained in importance in the minds of MBA candidates compared to previous years. In MBA advisory talks it has been apparent in 2005 that there is higher awareness of accreditation issues. Candidates require less explanation of what accreditation means and which accreditation bodies are relevant. They are more aware of the significance of accreditation.

ii) More and more engineers in Germany are deciding to participate in an MBA-programme with a view to boosting their career prospects and open up routes into higher management. Over 60 percent of OU business School students in Germany are engineers who want to learn more about business control and leadership, to have new contacts within international networks and to be fit for global competition.

iii) In the medical sector and health industry in Germany the MBA has gained in importance as a means of increasing personal knowledge and competitive advantage. Increasingly general practioners and hospital doctors are seeing the need to have professional management knowledge, particularly in the area of cost and liquidity management and quality management. This appears to be driven by a need to improve their competence in managing patients and employees.

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