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MBA-Jahresrückblick – RSM RSM: Students are looking for behavioural transformation

A. What do you consider the most significant developments in MBA/management education and the international business school market as a whole this year?

  • More and more prospective students are looking for behavioural transformation as part of their educational process

    Globalisation has shaped the commercial environment so that one of the most defining features of business relations today is the necessity to work with complexity and diversity. Accordingly, business managers require the skills to work effectively with this diversity, increasingly both within their corporation, and as their business moves across borders. More and more in executive education, we are seeing managers coming to us looking for behavioural transformation as part of their educational process. The pressure on business schools today is to serve these prospective students by delivering these behavioural changes - people and leadership skills - such as the ability to connect, collaborate and network with people with vastly different backgrounds, values, experiences, beliefs and communication skills from their own.

  • European schools have come of age and compete very effectively with the American market

    As European schools have devoted more resources to leadership skill development and other behavioural and societal elements, we have challenged American schools that have traditionally claimed more emphasis on this area. Additionally, we are also seeing the emergence of a distinctly European business model that is competitive in its own right. The European business model differentiates itself from the American model in the extent of its emphasis on accommodating diversity and complexity; on decision-making that considers broader stakeholders - society, policy and the environment. The European business model places a greater onus on corporate responsibility, which makes it forward-thinking. There is evidence of this in new rankings, such as Beyond Grey Pinstripes, that assesses a school's incorporation of social and environmental issues in its education. This global survey sees remarkable presence of European schools relative to the size of the MBA industry in North America.
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