Mary Barra, Mark Fields, Sergio MarchionneGM-Chefin und Autobosse bei Trump

Bei einem Gespräch im Weißen Haus hat Donald Trump am Dienstag die Chefs der großen Automobilkonzerne des Lands ins Gebet genommen. Er pocht auf mehr Fertigung im Land – und sagt, der Umweltschutz sei außer Kontrolle.

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    • 9 11 attacks, did usa do it itself or it just let it happen?
      Did usa administration murder 3000 american citizen in 9 11 attacks to justify starting a war against iraq?
      If al-qaeda did it, why go to kill 2 million Iraqi?
      OIL seem to be the motive of the crime.. which crime? killing of 2 million Iraqi or 3000 american?

      Some of the benefits American say they achieved after 9 11 attacks include:
      *constant flow of oil, which price is in continuous decline. Trump said he will simply take the Iraqi oil, and when he was told that Iraqi oil belongs to iraq he said there is no iraq(after usa destroyed it ).
      *Invasion of afghanstan with construction of not less than 14 american military base which give a close eye on china.
      *Removal of potential threat to isreal represented in iraq which throw isreal with more than 30 rocket after American assault on iraq during 2nd gulf war.

      Can we believe that Al-qaeda personel who received few weeks of aviation lessons in usa and most of them never did fly single engine aircraft alone, can target the towers with a big high sophisticated boeing airplane?
      Usa declared its intent to start creative chaos in the middle east. In order to start all these wars usa needed a big event to use it a as a cause to start these wars and violence. They simply needed something as big as 9 11 attacks.
      Did usa train and supply isis with weapons ‘like it with al-qeada’ to play a major role in creating chaos in the middle east?
      Saddam who lost most of his power in 2nd gulf war and further by siege “in oil for food program which deprived iraq even from pencils for the kid” ,Saddam did not allow al-qaeda to enter iraq , not even to support him against usa.
      But only after usa occupation of iraq, isis started to appear in iraq.
      Did usa pave the way for isis to iraq to play a major role of creative chaos that still burnning iraq?
      Plz publish my questions

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