U.S. Election The Clinton Moment

After „change“ and „hope“, America is yearning for realpolitik. Barack Obama's ineffectiveness is creating an opportunity for Hillary Clinton, who wouldn't need long to get a handle on world politics. By Gabor Steingart.
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The first presidential candidate who can be described as a citizen of the world. Quelle: dpa
Hillary Clinton

The first presidential candidate who can be described as a citizen of the world.

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If you were asked to describe Hillary Clinton in a word, "woman" probably wouldn't be the first one to come to mind. This is not to say Mrs. Clinton isn’t feminine or lacks empathy. But her thinking doesn't revolve around femininity. The consistent thread in her biography is her ability to pull herself up after falling down, again and again.

The inner core of her personality is marked by a determination to acquire power. She is the lioness of American politics, preparing to pounce on the White House once again. There is something unconditional beating in Mrs. Clinton's heart. She doesn’t just accept conflict – she seeks it out.

The 67-year-old is a fighter. It would be unfair to call her callous, but she is certainly tough, a trait honed to a sharp point in the blast furnace of two decades of nonstop partisan struggle. You don't have to be a neurologist to know that she has nerves of steel. Of course, she is also capable of shedding tears, but only, it seems, if it's worthwhile.

It happened once, in the winter of 2008, shortly after her brutal defeat in the Iowa Democratic primary by a then-relatively unknown junior senator from Illinois named Barack Hussein Obama just hours before the next polls were to open in New Hampshire. While Mr. Obama touched the souls of Iowans, Mrs. Clinton seemed to have gotten stuck in their heads, and not in a good way.

Her only option, at that point, was an emotional outburst, live on CNN. Voters experienced Hillary's emotional side for the first time. What a sensation! Her well-placed tears were a smart political investment, and Mrs. Clinton's defeat in Iowa was followed by her triumph in New Hampshire. The 2008 campaign was a reflection of her life.

It appears that for Hillary Clinton, the total defeat she has experienced again and again is merely a training camp from which to launch her next bid for power. One of the Republican Party's favorite slogans is: "Surrender is not an option", a reference to the withdrawal of the U.S. forces from Afghanistan. But in reality, the slogan more aptly describes the life of Hillary Clinton, for whom surrender is truly not an option.

If we take the words she uses most often at face value, they provide us with an introduction to how this woman thinks and feels: "tough decisions, hard choices, fighting forward." She survived the public execution of her marriage during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and remained at Bill's side, what she in typically understated fashion called a "tough decision".

At the request of her husband, the 42nd U.S. president, she devised a healthcare reform proposal that would have guaranteed all Americans access to medical care for the first time. But she was forced to look on as, amid strong Congressional opposition, he tucked away her plan for reasons of political expediency. In an ironic finale of sorts, she helped the man who had stymied her White House ambitions, Barack Obama, implement his version of the plan -- and take the credit for it -- almost two decades later.

The dollar is Obama's magic potion
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  • Power hungry, ruthless and aggressive are the attributes that best describe Hillary Clinton. If she wins expect more geopolitical tension, more wars, more drones, more spying, more lying and more influence by special interest aka Wall Street, defense contractors, insurance companies, etc.

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