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26.5.08 Pre-meeting discussion started 26.5.08 Membership terms of Joachim Fels and Thorsten Polleit expired. 3.5.08. Minutes of the latest meeting 7.4.08 Minutes of the latest meeting 3.4.08 Pre-meeting discussion concluded. For individual members' comments see section "Pre-meeting discussion".

The ECB Shadow Concil decided not to continue to mirror the ECB Governing Council in the number of members after the Governing Council would increase in size to 21. Instead, the Shadow Council will reduce its size to 15. This will be achieved over time by not replacing members whose terms expire. For a transition period a rotation scheme will determine, which 15 members will vote in a given month.
The terms of Michael Heise and José Luis Escrivà have expired. Marie Diron has returned from maternity leave. Thus, at the end of January 2008, there are 18 members of the ECB Sahdow Council.

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