Kernkraft Die Gefahren der Atommeiler

Die wichtigsten Fragen zu den Risiken der Kernenergie und der aktuelle Katastrophe im japanischen Kernkraftwerk Fukushima.
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Kernkraftwerk Neckarwestheim im Landkreis Heilbronn. Quelle: dapd

Kernkraftwerk Neckarwestheim im Landkreis Heilbronn.

(Foto: dapd)

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  • Ich mach den Gutti: aus BBC - Wenns der Praktikant nicht hinkriegt oder wieder irgendwelche deutschen Experten gefragt.
    "Has there been a meltdown?

    The term "meltdown" is used in a variety of ways. As noted above, the reported detection of radioactive caesium and iodine may indicate that some of the metal casing enclosing the reactors' uranium fuel has melted (a "fuel-rod meltdown"). However, there is as yet no indication that the uranium fuel itself has melted. Still less is there any indication of a "China Syndrome" where the fuel melts, gathers below the reactor and resumes a chain reaction, that enables it to melt everything in its way, and bore a path deep into the earth. If there were to be a serious meltdown, the Japanese reactor is supposed to be able to handle it, preventing the China Syndrome from taking place. Reports suggest that underneath the reactor, within the outer containment vessel, there is a concrete basin designed to capture and disperse any molten fuel."

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