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Paul Tighe, Bischof Verstehen, was Menschen antreibt

  • Paul Tighe
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Paul Tighe ist ein Bischof aus dem Vatikan.
Paul Tighe

Paul Tighe ist ein Bischof aus dem Vatikan.

„I want to learn and get a feeling for what are the things that are driving a generation of people who are in many ways shaping the world as we know it.“

„In a world where increasingly [we're] not invited to part of conversations, I think if people are interested in having us, we're delighted to be here.“

„There's an environment that is kinda rough. There's a lot of trolling, a lot of negativity. But if the people who want to use it for good withdraw from it, then the trolls have won. There is a potential here to build connections, to learn from people who might surprise us.“

„There were people saying 'let's launch a Twitter bomb, lets force them out of this environment'. But we stuck with it and said 'no, this is too important a forum'.“

Paul Tighe ist ein Bischof aus dem Vatikan.


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