60 years in Brazil Mercedes-Benz leads the trucks and buses sales in the country in 2016

Mercedes-Benz do Brasil, in spite of the strong shrinkage of the commercial vehicles' sales volume in the Brazilian market, closes 2016 and its 60 years in Brazil anniversary, celebrating the preference of the customers for its products, confirmed by the leadership in sales of trucks and buses in the Brazilian market last year.
60 years in Brazil

With the closing of another year, the company continues holding its traditional leading position in the commercial vehicles sales in the country. “Of course the Brazilian market needs to reach higher sales volumes. However, this market share increase is a reflex of the new position of Mercedes-Benz and its dealerships network that mirrors the slogan: The roads speak. Mercedes-Benz listens,” states Roberto Leoncini, Vice-President of the Mercedes-Benz do Brasil's Trucks and Buses area Sales, Marketing & Parts and Services.

“For six decades we have learned to deal with the reality of the transports sector in Brazil; after all, we offer products to operate on the immense national territory, from North to South, meeting the needs of the transporters as well as those of the drivers, in the cities, roads or off-road tracks,” states Leoncini.

The brand wins wide preference of the customers

Independently from the market situation Mercedes-Benz did not stop to launch new trucks and buses in 2016, as well as the new products and services of its wide pre and after-sales portfolio.“The various products and services launchings show clearly that we did not stop thinking about and, mainly, meeting demands of our customers. We are keeping our promise”, says Roberto Leoncini. “The increase of our market share is the best and most gratifying return we could receive. We have increased our market share in the trucks area, from 26.7% in 2015 to 29.6% in 2016. In the buses area, we had a leap from 52.4% in the segment above 8 tons in 2015, to 58.4% in 2016.

Leoncini says that Mercedes-Benz kept this way the leadership in the commercial vehicles sales in Brazil last year. “There were 13,915 commercialized trucks and 6,067 buses sold during the year, he informs. By the way, this leadership reflects not only the sales figures, but also the various awards that we received during the year. We have been widely acknowledged in terms of brand, products, company and as assistance services provider, and we are being very well considered by our customers, and have a position that stands out in their preference and memory. This is what really matters. When the customer thinks about the need of a product or service, we want him to continue thinking of the Mercedes-Benz brand as the ideal solution.”

The largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in Brazil and Latin America

Mercedes-Benz do Brasil is the largest and most traditional manufacturer of trucks and buses of Latin America. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz is the only company to produce trucks, buses, light commercial vehicles and cars in Latin America.

In 2016, Mercedes-Benz do Brasil reached its 60th anniversary, and is increasingly more present in the daily life of the customers and always keeps its eyes in the future. The company is a reference in the country and in Latin America as a pioneer and leader in the technological development and in the commercial vehicles sales.

“Mercedes-Benz offers efficient and profitable solutions to its customers, with the most complete line of trucks and buses to meet the market and customers' expectations, which is what motivates us daily,” emphasizes Leoncini.