Beating Toyota VW Becomes World's Biggest Carmaker

Despite Dieselgate, VW officially became the world's biggest carmaker on Monday after Japanese rival Toyota released sales numbers for 2016.
VW: the biggest, despite Dieselgate.

It's official now: Volkswagen has become the world's largest carmaker in terms of the number of vehicles sold – despite the Dieselgate scandal.

Japanese rival Toyota said Monday it sold 10.18 million vehicles last year worldwide, less than the 10.31 Volkswagen sold in 2016.

The German company announced its sales numbers three weeks ago and last month analysts said they expected VW to become the world's largest automaker based on forecasts.

For the last four years, VW’s rival Toyota has topped global rankings. The Japanese carmaker first became the world’s biggest automaker in 2008, supplanting GM which had held the title for more than 70 years.