CAR SALES VW Golf Loses Top Spot in Europe

The German bestseller has lost the pole position to a new champion in the compact-car segment.
In the pole position no longer. Picture

The Volkswagen Golf has lost its leading position as the most-sold car in Europe. Now the Ford company’s compact, the Fiesta, is the most popular car. That is according to statistics from the automotive business analysts, Jato Dynamics, obtained by Handelsblatt. In Europe, the Golf has had a standing claim to the title of most-sold car. The last time VW lost the top spot was once for a short time seven years ago.

Jato Dynamics counted exactly 47,263 Ford Fiesta sold in Europe in March. The Golf from Wolfsburg was forced to admit a narrow defeat: 46,795 cars were only enough to take second place. Most likely it was the change of its own models that harmed Golf. The production of the new models is still getting going, some dealers only have the older model variations. “That’s why it could be just a momentary blip that the Fiesta is ahead of the Golf,” says Felipe Munoz, automobile analyst at Jato Dynamics. Once VW has the model switchover behind it, he says, the Golf could possibly move up to first place again.

However, there are two fundamental trends that are making life difficult for the Golf. So far, the Golf was particularly popular as a diesel model. Should the diesel continue to come under pressure for environmental reasons, the VW group’s top model will suffer. On top of that, SUVs are becoming increasingly popular. For that reason, there is a general downward trend in sales numbers of the classic body styles, like the VW Golf.

Stefan Menzel writes about the auto industry focusing on Volkswagen. To contact the author: [email protected]