Carla Kriwet Philips’ New German Board Member

Dutch electronics company Philips appointed Carla Kriwet as a board member to oversee its digital activities. She is one of the few German women to reach a senior executive role in a foreign multinational.
Quelle: Philips
Ms. Kriwet is now in charge of Philips' digital activities, a division whose annual revenues exceed €3 billion.

Thanks to her promotion as the new head of connected care and health informatics businesses at Philips, Carla Kriwet has joined an exclusive club, the small number of German women who are executive board members of an international corporation.

In this role, Ms. Kriwet succeeds Jeroen Tas with immediate effect, the Dutch electronics group said Wednesday in a press release.

The daughter of former Krupp CEO Heinz Kriwet held management positions at Boston Consulting Group and industrial gas producer Linde before becoming the head of Philips Germany in 2013.

“I’m really looking forward to the new role. This business unit stands for the future in health care,” Ms. Kriwet told Handelsblatt.

The manager is now in charge for the entire digital activities of Philips, a segment of strategic importance with more than €3 billion, or $3.2 billion, in sales.

Philips' Chief Executive Frans van Houten, to whom Ms. Kriwet has reported directly since she took over as head of the patient care and monitoring business unit two years ago, has said the company is "now well positioned for the future."