Carlo Crosetto New Head of Finance at Dürr

Dürr, an MDax-listed plant and machinery construction company, has hired former Daimler executive Carlo Crosetto as its new head of finance.
Quelle: Pressebild
After 14 years in Asia, Mr. Crosetto will switch from Bangkok to Stuttgart next month.
(Source: Pressebild)

The supervisory board of Dürr has hired Carlo Crosetto as the firm’s new chief financial officer and appointed him to the executive board effective March 1, the plant engineering company headquartered in Stuttgart announced in a press release.

The Italian-born Mr. Crosetto will succeed Ralph Heuwing, who leaves Dürr in May at his own request.

Mr. Crosetto, 45, began his professional career with the Daimler group in 1993, where he held various management roles until 2010, including three years as the head of finance of Mercedes' joint venture with Chinese carmaker BAIC in Beijing.

Seven years ago, Mr. Crosetto switched to the RMA automotive conglomerate in Bangkok. He spent 14 years in Asia in total.

Dürr is a plant and machinery construction company founded in 1895 with 15,000 employees in 28 countries. The company, listed on the MDax mid-cap index, generated €3.8 billion ($4.1 billion) in sales in 2015.

Business with auto makers and their suppliers accounts for about 60 percent of Dürr’s sales.