E-car star Tesla Takes Lead in German E-Car Market

The bestselling automaker in German electric vehicles sales surprisingly isn't German at all.
The Tesla Model X displayed at the 95th European Motor Show in Brussels in January. AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert

California-based Tesla has done the unthinkable: become the number one company in Germany's competitive electromobility sector, beating beloved homegrown firms Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes.

With 670 new registrations recorded across Germany in March, the country has pushed previous leader, Primus from French automaker Renault, out of the top spot, according to statistics from the Center of Automotive Research.

The strongest German car manufacturer was BMW, trailing behind Tesla with 406 newly registered electric vehicles. Statistics proved that the market is steadily growing, with a total of 2,642 electric cars registered in Germany last month, more than ever before.

Tesla's dominance is based on having more to offer, according to researchers. Its classic Model S and the SUV Model X are both in demand, racking up 457 and 213 new registrations respectively in Germany. Both makes will be joined by the Tesla Model 3 in July, the world's first mass-market electric vehicle with an affordable price tag that the company hopes will sell to a widespread audience.