handelsblatt exclusive UFA Film Company: German TV Market Has Untapped Potential

The heads of UFA, one of Germany's oldest and most celebrated production studios, have called on policymakers to help promote and support German television worldwide.

German television has billions of euros in untapped economic potential for both the domestic and global entertainment markets, the co-head of one of Germany’s oldest and most renowned production studios, UFA, told Handelsblatt in an interview.

“We need an effective economic policy for the moving-picture industry,” said Wolf Bauer. “We have enough top talent here and we can hold our own globally in terms of creativity and doing business."

Founded in 1917, UFA will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year. The production studio is the home of classic German silent films such as Metropolis and has seen recent international success with the Emmy-winning espionage thriller Deutschland 83.

Nico Hofmann, UFA’s other co-head, complained that German policymakers focus too much on promoting German film and have missed the explosion of television in Germany and around the world.

The average length of time Germans view television has remained stable for years, Mr. Hofmann said, but there’s a growing audience online.

“Politicians at the moment don’t see the potential growth at all,” Mr. Hofmann said.


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