India Investment Attracting Germany’s Hidden Champions

India’s ambassador to Germany tells Handelsblatt his key task is to convince German “Mittelstand” companies to come to India.
India’s ambassador to Germany thinks he can bring Germany’s "Hidden Champions" back to his home country.

Gurjit Singh has been on a mission since becoming India’s ambassador in Berlin last year. He wants convince German companies that the world’s most populous democracy is a good place to invest.

More specifically, he’s targeting the German “Mittelstand,” the name given to the small- and medium-sized businesses that form the backbone of Germany’s economy. They’re also a key reason that Europe’s largest economy is one of the world’s biggest exporters.

“Half the world’s champions are in Germany and many of them are not in India,” he told Handelsblatt.

That will change if Mr. Singh has his way. He’s launched a program in Germany to convince these smaller firms that India is ready to take them on. He outlines that program, and India's broader economic challenges, in the video below.