Exclusive Bomb Scare at German Chancellory

German police gave the all-clear after a report of a suspicious package closed the German chancellory for two hours in Berlin this morning. Police said they found nothing at the modernist structure along Berlin’s Spree River near the Reichstag, where Chancellor Angela Merkel has her office. The seat of executive power in Germany was briefly closed after workers reported a “suspicious item” that had arrived by mail. The chancellery was not evacuated and employees could enter the building through other entrances as the report was investigated. A Berlin police spokesman, Jens Schobranski, declined to give details about whether the item was a letter or parcel. The mail item had not reached the interior of the chancellery, Mr. Schobranski said. Ms. Merkel’s top ministers had gathered in the building today for their first cabinet meeting of 2016, Reuters reported, citing a person familiar with the matter. Germany, like other European countries, has been on high alert following terrorist attacks in Paris in November that killed 130 people. After the French attacks, German authorities canceled a soccer match in Hanover amid warnings of a possible attack. Last week, police in Munich said they received  warnings that Islamic terrorists were planning to attack two train stations in the Bavarian capital on New Year’s Eve. The attacks did not take place but hundreds of police were called in to secure the city.