Exclusive Exclusive: Indian Central Bank Chief Commends Germany on Open-Door Refugee Policy

The head of the Indian central bank, Raghuram Rajan, praised Germany’s refugee policy in a Handelsblatt interview. “Europe is dealing with problems of immense magnitude, including the issue of what is the optimal amount of integration,” Mr. Rajan told Handelsblatt. “How you integrate the immigrants who come in will define how smart [the policy] was,” he added. The former head of the International Monetary Fund also said that Germany’s open-door policy shows a great deal of humanity, which is commendable. Mr. Rajan also acknowledged that Germany is shouldering heavy costs with the ongoing influx of refugees, more than one million of whom reached the country in 2015 alone. “I do hope it works out. I don’t think countries take these big decision with the certainty that it will go well. So there is a risk in taking it. And that makes it even more commendable,” he added.   Read the full interview in Monday’s Handelsblatt Global Edition at 12:00 CET.