Exclusive Islamic State Members Planned Attack in German City of Düsseldorf, Police Say

German authorities have arrested three alleged members of Islamic State who are suspected of planning an attack on the city of Düsseldorf in Western Germany, prosecutors said on Thursday. Police arrested the three people, Syrian men aged between 25 and 31, on Thursday, German prosecutors said in a statement. French police had already arrested a fourth Syrian, aged 25, in February. “The accused Saleh A. and Hamza C. joined Islamic State in spring 2014 in Syria. There they received an order from the group’s leaders to commit an attack in the old city center of Düsseldorf,” the prosecutors said. The arrests were not related to the upcoming European soccer championship, which will start next week in France, the prosecutors said. Europe has been on high alert for possible terror attacks, following Islamic attacks in Brussels in March, when 34 died in suicide bomb explosions, and last November’s killing of 130 people in Paris. German police arrested several men in February on suspicion of planning attacks . Read the full story in Handelsblatt Global Edition. The city of Düsseldorf. Photo Source: DPA