Exclusive Report: Deutsche Bank Considers Investment, Commercial Banking Split

Deutsche Bank reviewed whether to break up its investment and commercial banking operations, according to a report in Manager Magazin. Called “Project Jade,” Germany’s largest bank recruited experts from its financial, risk and regulation departments to investigate the conditions required for a split, according to the report. A Deutsche Bank spokesperson dismissed the report. Though a project by the name “Jade” exists, breaking up investment and commercial operations wasn’t under consideration, the spokesperson said. Germany’s largest financial institution is considering another reorganization with the goal of simplifying its corporate structure, the spokesperson added. This Wednesday, Deutsche Bank chief executive John Cryan will present second-quarter figures. On average, experts predict only minimal net profits of €11 million, or $12.1 million. Last year the bank earned €818 million and in the first quarter of 2016, it still posted €236 million in profits. Pictures Source: Bloomberg