Exclusive VW CEO Calls for New Emissions Testing As European Diesel Recalls Begin

Volkswagen chief executive Matthias Müller called for new testing for emissions in a speech at a company reception in Brussels. Mr. Müller, who became chief executive in September after VW admitted it had falsified diesel emissions values, said tests should be adjusted to bridge the gap between the environment in the lab and on the road. He said in the future, VW will have the emissions values of its vehicles checked by external, independent experts. The Wolfsburg-based carmaker is still grappling to overcome the diesel emissions scandal , which affects 11 million cars worldwide, most of them in Europe. VW had installed illegal software in diesel engines of its VW, Audi, Porsche and Skoda brands to lower levels of nitrogen oxide emitted during tests, but reverted them to regular levels on the road. The substance is a highly toxic pollutant, which plays a crucial role in creating smog. Mr. Müller said technical solutions for the cars with cheat software had been agreed in the European Union, and VW will start retrofitting the 8.5 million vehicles this week. VW will also do more to develop e-mobility and Mr. Müller called on politicians to support this, saying Europe should also take the lead in this area, not leave the automotive future to Silicon Valley. Tesla Motors, the electric carmaker founded in Silicon Valley in 2003, is increasingly seen as a rival to established car manufacturers such VW, GM, Mercedes and Toyota.