statistical office Millions of Germans Want to Work Longer Hours

Many people are dissatisfied with their working hours. The desire for longer workdays, however, is unusual.
Every 15th German wants to work longer hours.

Almost every 15th German wants to work way more, according to Germany's Federal Statistical Office.

Some 2.7 million of 40 million employed Germans feel underemployed, a micro-census and labor force survey showed. Part-time workers in particular are not satisfied with their weekly working hours, according to data from 2015. They would add 11.3 hours to their average of 28.3 hours per week.

Some 1.5 million of the "underemployed" worked a part-time job amounting to an average of 19.3 hours a week. Their desire for additional working hours was even stronger, with them wanting to add 14.6 hours to their weekly work load.