LAUNDRY & HOME CARE Henkel in Romania awards talented young Romanian designers

At the 2015 Gala of the University of Arts & Design in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in late June, Henkel’s laundry brands Perwoll and Syoss awarded the most talented young graduates of the Cluj-Napoca university, Romania’s best fashion design school. Eight-hundred guests were in attendance at the gala, including the most influential people within the Romanian fashion and design world.

Henkel Romania awarded three prizes: two “Perwoll Awards for Young Designers 2015” to Aliz Simon and Magdalena Butnariu, and one “Syoss Award for the Most Creative Collection” to Andreea Castrase. The winners were selected by a jury of fashion opinion leaders and Henkel Romania representatives, who admired the designers’ innovative style and creative mixture of fabrics.

Aliz Simon and Magdalena Butnariu won for their original design and special use of fabric and color. Simon’s “Nouvelle – Ere” collection mixes neoprene and natural fabrics, uses asymmetry and drapes in a feminine chromatic. In her libertine collection, “An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will,” Butnariu seasoned her finely-cut clothes with green plants and other original accessories like plastic bags.

Andreea Castrase won the “Syoss Award for the Most Innovative Collection” for her creative collection with a modern vision and for her skill in anticipating new style trends. The collection “Rites of Passage” was black & white with a concept expressing contemporaneity, elegance and austerity.

“We are happy and proud to reward the most talented Romanian young designers every year with our traditional Perwoll Award. Over the last 6 years, Perwoll has built up a very strong community of talented young designers and supported them for a strong start up of their careers,” says Larisa Guzgă, Marketing Manager Laundry & Home Care, Henkel Romania.

Anda Onuțan, Marketing Manager Beauty Care, Henkel România also stated that, “Syoss, our flagship brand, is proudly supporting the creative talent of young Romanian designers, and is rewarding inovation as a key value of the brand. We believe in the power and courage of the new generation who express themselves in an original way in order to shape their personal style.”