Morning Briefing Trump's Religious War

Donald Trump has started a religious war while in Germany, the chief executive of state-owned railway Deutsche Bahn unexpectedly stepped down.

Past presidents of the United States like George W. Bush and Barack Obama carefully underlined that the war on terrorism isn’t a war on Islam but the new government doesn’t feel any such constraints. Donald Trump’s executive order bans all travelers from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. That’s how religious wars are started.

Allianz Chief Executive Oliver Bäte is planning a takeover of Australia’s largest insurer QBE for the cool price of €14 billion, Handelsblatt’s industry experts have revealed. He and QBE’s CEO John Neal are practically all set to go. Bäte will have to move fast as investors are hungry for big news at his AGM on May 3. That the new Allianz CEO doesn’t wear a tie is a symbol of change, but that alone doesn’t prove he has what it takes.

Deutsche Bahn’s Chief Executive Rüdiger Grube resigned this morning from his post leading Germany's state-owned railway. The government reportedly blocked his call for a new three-year contract, only offering him two years. Grube said that contravened their agreement - and stepped down. The German economy has lost one of its great stewards.

Today, Chancellor Angela Merkel receives Ukraine’s President Poroshenko in Berlin to talk about the peace process. The fact that it has been quiet in Ukraine and the border conflict with Russia hasn’t ballooned into a global crisis can be chalked up as one of her successes. Merkel is the last of the moderates in a world that is growing ever louder and less subtle. While everyone else is banging away on the drums, her instrument of choice is the harp.

Speaking of Merkel, the first speech by her challenger Martin Schulz, the Social Democrats' new candidate for chancellor, went down a treat with his party. SPD members greeted his call for more social justice and less arrogance from elites with enthusiastic applause on Sunday in Berlin. It was a great combination of German socialist August Bebel and Donald Trump. The newly-anointed Saint Martin has plenty of fans, at least among the beleaguered Social Democrats.


Image of the Day

Musher Philipp Bott competed in the International Dog Sled Races in Todtmoos in the Black Forest last weekend.