America First German Comedian Launches Global Trump Roast

Jan Böhmermann is making fun of world leaders again with a film competition asking countries to make a case for being second if America is first.
Quelle: dpa
Jan Böhmermann in studio.
(Source: dpa)

Germany's star satirist Jan Böhmermann has a new mission: banding the world together to ridicule U.S. President Donald Trump. Last week the host of the popular late night talk show "Neo Magazine Royale" said that his team had helped organize a global video "competition" among countries arguing why they should be second, heading Mr. Trump's famous motto, "America first."

The idea came from the viral video of a Dutch comedy show, which pitches the U.S. president on why he should consider, "The Netherlands second."


Mr. Böhmermann ran with the concept, releasing a "Germany second" video and inviting other countries to make their own. The videos, created by late night talk shows in Austria, Morocco and Czech Republic among others, can be seen on social media and a website called "It's great E.U."

"We'll only stop once everyone has laughed just about enough," Mr. Böhmermann said during the talk show segment introducing the contest. "Mr. President Trump, listen to me, when the whole world is standing up to make fun of you, you really achieved something truly great."

Germany's video, following the format set up by the Netherlands, is similarly narrated in the voice of a Donald Trump impersonator, lauding Oktoberfest as the “best beerfest God ever created”, and bragging of "a great German wall."

In the segment, which is posted on YouTube, Mr. Böhmermann challenges other countries such as Ireland and Australia to take part.

"I am sorry Mr. Trump, I have to insult you, but I have sort of a history with insulting presidents," said the talk show host, who was in hot water last year when a controversial poem he read about Turkish leader Recep Erdogan ended up in a diplomatic spat.

Watch a selection of the other videos below:

Barbara Woolsey is an editor at Handelsblatt Global in Berlin.