asylum seekers Refugee Crisis Cost Germany €22 Billion Last Year

Germany spent €22 billion on refugees in 2016, according to finance ministry data. It will spend a similar level this year.
Quelle: dpa
In 2016, 280,000 people sought asylum in Germany.
(Source: dpa)

According to a report released by the finance ministry on Friday, Germany spent €21.7 billion ($23.3 billion) on tackling the refugee crisis in 2016.

The report noted that Germany will spend €21.3 billion this year and quoted a remark made by Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble in 2015, when he said that the crisis must be dealt with and should not fail due to a lack of money.

Most of the money went to states and municipalities which received €9.3 billion last year to deal with the crisis. A further €7.1 billion was spent on addressing the underlying causes leading refugees to flee their countries. Measures to integrate refugees received €2.1 billion in funding.

In 2015, 890,000 asylum seekers came to Germany. In 2016, only 280,000 refugees came to the country. "The high number of immigrants was limited to the year 2015," the ministry wrote.

Nonetheless, the influx of refugees has added to the population. In fact more people live in Germany than during any time since reunification. According to data from the Federal Statistical Office released on Friday, the population increased to 82.8 million at the end of last year.