Economic Development Building Bridges with Africa

Minister Gerd Müller has a ’Marshall Plan for Africa,’ to tie funding to political reform. He discussed it with policymakers on the continent.
Mr. Müller visited a region in eastern Ethiopia affected by drought and severe food shortages.

Development Minister Gerd Müller traveled to Ethiopia to present Germany’s proposal for a Marshall Plan with Africa.

After meeting representatives of the African Union Tuesday, the Bavarian politician proposed a training campaign in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa and urged multinational corporations to “stop the exploitative use of African resources.”

The proposed policy, which Mr. Müller presented in Berlin in January, recalls the United States’ historic aid and reconstruction program for Western Europe after the Second World War. The idea is to reward reform: Countries that fight corruption, build tax systems, invest in education and promote gender equality can expect more support from Germany.

In a conversation with the African Union’s deputy commissioner Kwesi Quartey, Mr. Müller chose his words with care, saying, “I don’t mean to presumptuously tell you how it should be done.” But he hoped his suggestions would find their way into future negotiations between the European Union and African nations, he said.