handelsblatt exclusive E.U. White Paper: Brussels Should Raise Revenue Through Taxes

A white paper authored by former Italian prime minister Mario Monti has proposed implementing direct E.U. taxes to finance increased spending.
Former Italian prime minister Mario Monti, picture source: DPA

The European Union should raise revenue through direct taxation instead of collecting contributions from the member states’ national budgets, according to an E.U. white paper obtained by Handelsblatt.

The white paper, authored by former Italian prime minister Mario Monti, proposes a carbon tax, an electricity tax, a corporate tax, or a financial transaction tax as possible ways for the European Union to raise money independent of the member states.

E.U. Budget Commissioner Günter Oettinger told the European Parliament on Tuesday that the European Union needs to restructure its revenue system to meet an increase in common expenditures associated with the refugee crisis and heightened security measures in the wake of recent terrorist attacks. Mr. Oettinger said he would introduce draft legislation soon.

Mr. Monti’s proposals, however, are already being met with resistance. Jens Spahn, a deputy in Germany’s finance ministry, said there is “absolutely no need” for E.U. taxes.

“It shouldn’t be about more money for the E.U. budget, but rather about using [existing] resources better,” Mr. Spahn said.