Islamist Arrest German Police Foil Terror Attack

Authorities have arrested a 26-year old Islamist who was building an explosive and planning to attack police officers or soldiers.
Quelle: dpa
An arrest made during an anti-terror raid last year in Berlin.
(Source: dpa)

Authorities have arrested a 26-year old man on suspicion of preparing to build an explosive and planning an attack on police officers or soldiers.

The arrest of the suspected Islamist was announced by the police authorities of the city of Göttingen on Thursday in a joint statement with the prosecutor's office of the city of Celle.

The man, who belongs to the local Salafist scene, was arrested on Wednesday and comes from the town of Northeim, north of Göttingen in central Germany.

"During an initial interrogation, he acknowledged that he had planned to lure police officers or soldiers into a trap and kill them with a self-constructed explosive device," the police said.

Authorities found chemicals to produce the explosive acetone peroxide and electrical parts to assemble a detonation device in the man’s home in Northeim.

At the start of this month, police launched a number of anti-terror raids in Frankfurt, Germany's financial capital, and other cities, arresting one suspect over an alleged plan to carry out an attack. Three men were also arrested during raids in Berlin on terrorism-related charges.

Last year, several attacks took place in Germany, the most deadly in December, when Anis Amri, a 24-year-old Tunisian drove into a Christmas Market in Berlin, killing 12 people and injuring around 50.