Survey 80 Percent of Germans Think Trump is Incompetent

After Donald Trump's first seven days in office, many Germans are still finding it difficult to size up the new U.S. president. A whopping majority is convinced he is incompetent, according to a new survey.

After his first week in office, the vast majority of Germans are highly skeptical of Donald Trump. According to a recent poll by Infratest dimap, 80 percent think he is incompetent. Only about 15 percent see him as a competent politician.

The survey also found that 87 percent of the 1,027 surveyed Germans believe the U.S. president is not good for Germany. Yet, 62 percent also said they think it is too early for an assessment of Mr. Trump.

Most Germans don’t like Donald Trump. Only very few would have voted for him, according to polls conducted before the U.S. elections. In a recent quarterly survey by the online polling firm YouGov, conducted on behalf of Handelsblatt Global, 60 percent of Germans said the president-elect will make the world a “more dangerous” place.

But many Germans also seem to sympathize with some of Mr. Trump's political ideas. According to an Ipsos survey, conducted for WirtschaftsWoche, a sister publication of Handelsblatt, a whopping 56.3 percent spoke out in favor of deporting all illegal aliens. Furthermore, 31 percent want income tax to be lowered and 26 percent want stricter regulations for Muslims entering the country.