Timothy Garton Ash British Historian Wins Charlemagne Award

A British historian has won Germany's Charlemagne Prize in recognition of his services to European understanding.
AACHEN, GERMANY - MAY 02: Timothy Garton Ash attends the photocall for the Medaille Charlemagne on May 2, 2013 in Aachen, Germany. (Photo by Mathis Wienand/Getty Images)

Timothy Garton Ash has won this year's Charlemagne prize, awarded by Germany for services to unity in Europe.

A historian and author, Mr. Garton Ash has been writing about foreign relations in Europe for three decades. He is a professor at Oxford University, has won numerous awards and was listed as one of the world’s 10 most influential people by Time magazine in 2005. His 9 books span central and Eastern Europe, the GDR and relations in post-unification Germany.

Looking ahead to the future, Mr. Garton Ash predicted that Donald Trump’s arrival in the White House reflected a new era of nationalism and a new phase of confrontation. In an article for The Guardian, he said that Mr. Trump joins Vladimir Putin of Russia, Narendra Modi of India, Xi Jinping of China, Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and many other nationalist leaders worldwide.

Mr. Garton Ash is the 59th winner of the prize, following Pope Francis last year. The foundation awarding the prize wrote that Mr. Garton Ash “defies the populists and the simplifiers of our time and develops ideas of how we should behave in the globalized world."