Neuer Thyssen-Krupp-Chefaufseher Lehner gibt Mandate vor Thyssen-Krupp-Job auf

Bevor Ulrich Lehner Aufsichtsratschef bei Thyssen-Krupp wird, will er drei Mandate in anderen Kontrollgremien aufgeben. Der Nachfolger von Gerhard Cromme legt aber nicht alle Aufgaben in Aufsichtsräten nieder.
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Ulrich Lehner, künftiger Aufsichtsratschef bei Thyssen-Krupp, legt seine Mandate in drei anderen Kontrollgremien nieder. Quelle: Reuters

Ulrich Lehner, künftiger Aufsichtsratschef bei Thyssen-Krupp, legt seine Mandate in drei anderen Kontrollgremien nieder.

(Foto: Reuters)

EssenDer künftige Aufsichtsratschef von ThyssenKrupp, Ulrich Lehner, wird wegen seiner neuen Aufgabe bei dem Stahlriesen auf drei Mandate in Aufsichtsgremien verzichten. Mit Wirkung zum 31. März werde er zunächst auf sein Amt als Mitglied des Aufsichtsrates der Henkel Management AG verzichten, teilte der Essener Konzern am Freitag mit. Darüber hinaus stellt er seine Ämter bei Porsche und Oetker zur Verfügung.

Lehner bleibt aber weiterhin Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrates der Deutschen Telekom. Auch seine Mandate beim Pharmakonzern Novartis und des Energiekonzerns Eon will er behalten. Lehner war vor wenigen Tagen im ThyssenKrupp-Aufsichtsrat zum Nachfolger von Gerhard Cromme gewählt worden.

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  • I should also like to point out, that like Chromme, who apparently exempted himself from the strictures of his own good governance codex, Lehner, as well as the other companies which employed him, seems to also have a kind of special Kodexnaarenfreiheit.

    This too represents another sign of the incompetence and non compliance mentality present in The Stiftung, and how dangerous and illegitimate it is to have that discredited body appointing the AR-chairman.

    Just as nothing does change if nothing can change,
    nothing can change if nothing does change.

  • So basically another variable lie out of ThyssenKrupp.

    As he was being mooted for the AR-job, this being called into question due to the multiple mandates of the candidate, ThyssenKrupp announced Lehner would resign from ALL of these positions.

    Novartis and Telekom seemed, at least then, to have a different viewpoint about his leaving them. Now Eon says he will stay. And it seems his resignations are not even planned to occur in this business year.

    So now it seems that the approach of lie and play for time (as was aledged in the plants scandal, and in the various cartel scandals, and in the not-selling-the-plants-oops-now-selling of the plants, and in the don't-need-to-sell-shares-oops-now-need-to-sell-shares PR statements) is active in this announcement as well.

    Meet the new TK, seemingly starting out just the same as the old TK, a shiny house populated by empty suits is a house of lies and deception.

    Thinking more about this subject, I am surprised that no one (to my knowledge) has raised the subject of a conflict of interest that exists when the same person sits on the board of a major producer of electricity (eON) and one of its largest customers (TK); it is not possible for one person to properly serve two masters with opposite interests. This is a prescription for more shareholder suffering.

    (Regarding producer and consumer, I assume both of these assertions are true, and if not, then ths argument fails but does not eliminate the opportunity cost of lost time and focus on the part of Lenher due to other commitments.)

    What a bunch of Disgusting Hooten Frooten. When is the real transparency and true good governance supposed to begin?

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