Aufsichtsrat-KarussellDie Allzweck-Waffen der Deutschland AG

Bei Thyssen-Krupp wird nach Gerhard Crommes Abgang ein Aufsichtsratschef gesucht, bei Siemens gilt er als Wackelkandidat. Bei der Suche nach Aufsehern fallen immer die gleichen Namen. Ein Blick in die Altherren-Riege.

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    • About the only candidate here that didn't have scandal attached to part of, or the end if, their tenure is Dr. Reitzle.

      I would have added Milberg to this list, but see that BMW played the same pathetic rule relaxation game for him that Siemens and TK did with Chromme. Given that Succession Planning is one of the most important roles of any executive, how can it be that in all of the world that there is no one who can replace Milberg, Chromme, or anyone?

      To break down and replace the rotten corporate culture built up during the Mustmandate of Chromme and Beitz, it is necessary to import an independent manager from outside the Beitz sphere of influence and to subject this person to the clarifying test of a shareholder election. Furthermore, it is necessary to replace the entire ThyssenKrupp AR Board of Bystanders and to permanently clip the wings of The Beitz Stiftung.

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