David Allan Soberman Diskutieren Sie mit dem Fachmann – Discuss with the expert!

Das Handelsblatt Management-Forum bietet Ihnen natürlich auch die Möglichkeit, Fragen zu stellen. Dieses Mal können Sie sich an David Allan Soberman wenden, Professor für Marketing. Handelsblatt Management-Forum offers the possibility to ask questions. This time you can ask David Allan Soberman , Professor of Marketing.
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David Allen Soberman steht für Ihre Fragen zur Verfügung. Quelle: Soberman

David Allen Soberman steht für Ihre Fragen zur Verfügung.

Das Handelsblatt Management-Forum bietet Ihnen natürlich auch die Möglichkeit, Fragen zu stellen. Unten können Sie mit der Kommentarfunktion Fragen an Herrn Soberman richten oder seine Antworten kommentieren. Da Herr Soberman kein Deutsch versteht, stellen Sie Ihre Frage bitte auf Englisch.

David A. Soberman ist Marketingspezialist und lehrt sowohl an der französischen Business-Eliteschule INSEAD wie auch an der Rotan School of Management in Toronto. Studiert hat Soberman in Kingston und Toronto. Seit 1996 verstärkt er in verschiedenen Funktionen das INSEAD-Teams in Fontainebleau.


11 Kommentare zu "David Allan Soberman: Diskutieren Sie mit dem Fachmann – Discuss with the expert!"

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  • Dear David,

    What is your opinion on the role of trust in interfirm relationships/ networks in general and particularly wrt to innovation? What are the differences in its influence in lets say China and Germany.


  • Dear Sarah
    The use of a chat room is like anything else a company can do. it can be done efficiently or inefficiently. For a sufficiently large company, one person (or a small group once the volume gets high enough) needs to be in charge of reviewing the posts and interpreting them. The job of this person would be to send a summary of the key posts related to each area within the company to the person in that area that is responsible for product or service development. in addition, product development people are well advised to visit the chat room once in a while to get a "feel" for what is going on. it is important to remember that a chat room is like free market research. i should not be ignored but it needs to managed carefully.

  • Hello Prof. Soberman,

    When a company and its employees use this room for creativity to develop innovations, what about efficiency? Will efficiency suffer in that company?

  • Dear Christian
    The main thin with open innovation or customer driven innovations is the search for ideas. in general, most ideas relate to product improvements or new ideas that could help the product to work better. So in general, you are correct that most relate to improvements as opposed to quantum leaps. On the other hand, some of the ideas have the potential to lead to quantum leaps...the challenge is to identify those comments! Remember the primary source of innovation is often not from within an industry (where people have a certain way of looking at things) but from an outsider who completely rethinks the industry concept. Sometimes a wealth of experience does not necessarily go hadn in hand with a wealth of imagination.

  • Dear Prof. Soberman,

    when companies are asking customers for innovations, are real quantum leaps in innovations possible? because customers have their own, probably limited, wealth of experience and imagination. Thank you very much!

  • Dear Ludger
    i have heard about Martin Lindstrom because of his idea of Sensory branding. i think these ideas are quite interesting and can help a marketer to think differently and perhaps more broadly about marketing challenges. While he has not yet had the impact of Marshall McLuhan, he is very much in the same cloth, in that he coins excellent catch phrases that are reflective of the generation in which we live.

  • Dear David,
    du you know Martin Lindstrom? A lot of marketing-people are talkin about his theories. What's your opinion about him?

  • Dear Frank
    i am not sure they are the next big thing. They are already here! if you are in almost any business, social networks provide an excellent basis to enhance or drive your marketing efforts. Many companies and products are using Facebook pages to create links and to learn about who using their product and why. The keyu thing is to keep your eyes open because the opporunitites are different depending on what type of product or service that you are marketing.

  • Dear Franz
    Online forums are a very imporant source of information both for innovation and to learn what is happening in the marketplace. Companies that have either posting boards, blogs, or forums like this benefit greatly from the information that is posted there. The value of the information is a a function of the number of people who participate, their incentive to post truthful information, and the segment that is participating.

  • David,

    why are social networks the new big thing in marketing?



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